Managed Services


Since 2005, NAEEM TECH ENTERPRISES has assisted small, medium, and enterprise level businesses with traditional managed services. Managed services let you offload specific IT operations to NAEEM TECH ENTERPRISES. Our tactical tech team assumes ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for selected IT systems and functions on your behalf. The managed services architecture we have built has allowed us to provide customers custom IT services that range from, desktop performance monitoring, mobile device support, to remote connection support, and 24/7 network monitoring. With NAEEM TECH ENTERPRISES managing the technical environment, this allows our customers to perform daily activities with ease, uninterrupted work flow, and generate revenue.



Managed services may be provided to customers as an independent project, on an ongoing, recurring basis, or as part of a complete, enterprise business solutions. Additionally, TECH ENTERPRISES provides complete IT outsourcing to provide simple, one-stop shopping for the IT needs of small and mid-size businesses and extends to an enterprise size company. A partial list of services.

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